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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> coming up on kron four news at eleven. police and the fbi are hunting for a man they say robbed a bank in pinole. but the big question -- why was he released when they had him in custody before.? and he didn't sound quite right after a head injury.then he disappeared. tonight.the good news about a south bay teenager who was missing. the news is next. [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
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when you cross this, off your own. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at the f-b-i has joined the search for an oakland man wanted for robbing a bank in pinole. 22-year-old gary fite junior was already arrested for the crime earlier this month. but mis-communication
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between law enforcement agencies led to his release. kron four's philippe djegal explains. >> reporter: less than a half hour after robbing the mechanics bank on pinole
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valley road fridaym, march first. pinole police arrested gary fite junior for the crime. he and his accomplice were taken into custody. booked into contra costa county jail. by law, law enforcement and the district attorney have to file charges and arraign suspects within three days of an arrest. otherwise, the suspects have to be released from custody. the pinole police chief says his department filed its report to the da's office on the morning of tuesday march fifth. he says the da's office then called later that day and confirmed charges would be filed. yet still, fite was released from custoday. the contra costa county sheriff's department says it had no other choice than to release him. because quote there were no warrants, authority or other charges against fite that would allow us to continue holding him. the da's office could not be reached for comment. now, julie sohn, with the fbi, says a federal arrest warrant has been issued for fite. charged with armed robbery. law enforcement says fite should be considered armed
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and dangerous. if you have any information on his whereabouts, call the fbi or police. in pinole, philippe djegal, kron four news. r >> catherine: the hayward loop is under way to help local businesses. they're hoping that this will make it easier for consumers to shop. >> i do not think that it is going to help the because the streets are going to change. they are putting in a huge arch. the with that they have reconfigured this street each will try to bring traffic near more businesses. grant has more of the details. >> it is called the route 238 improvement project and the city of hayward was nice
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enough to insure this fancy animation. to share this. interstate 580 itself and industrial parkway. downtown hayward is the loop. this will be one way. up and around and back again and start at fort hill and to mission other changes. the one-way traffic started a few moments ago. they have been adjusting and the $100 million project should be completely ready by monday morning.
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crews will be busy all weekend making some big changes to traffic in downtown hayward. some roads are being turning into one way streets. it's called the hayward loop. the changes could help businesses. the height of the project. they're hoping the changes will make it easier for people to shop. as we prepare for the saint patricks day festivites. set to fall on a sunday this year. officers all across the bay area want to remind drivers to be safe and not to drink and drive. to deter such behavior. c-h-p officers will be on patrol all weekend also. all weekend different police departments will be carrying out roving d-u-i checkpoints. san rafael police will start theirs at 6p-m through sunday at 2a.m. the san francisco police will start theirs off at 7 p-m saturday also through sunday at 3 a.m. 8 p.m is when santa rosa police will kick off their d-u-i checkpoint through sunday at 3 a.m. according to the chp, they made more than 300 arrests statewide for d-u-i last year. and he didn't sound quite
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a scotts valley teenager has been found safe tonight after being missing for days.! 20-year-old matthew abraham vanished from scotts valley wednesday. his family says he seemed disoriented after crashing his mountain bike. police say matthew was found in utah and was travelling with someone he met on a bus. they say the stranger helped figure out who abraham really was.
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the teenager is now getting a medical evaluation. matthew's family is headed to salt lake city to bring him home. >> jacqueline: still 66. through concord, the south bay, and it will stay fairly mild. fairly good visibility. just at the coast. some areas will be cooler than others. it will be a mild day but breezy big changes. a taxi car-jacking and a wild police chase ended in police opening fire in san
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francisco. police say a 25-year-old man jumped onto the hood of a taxi near jackson and buchannan this morning. he's accused of stealing the cab and leading police on a chase through the presidio heights area.eventually ramming a police car. officers shot at the man - but he got away. he was finally arrested in the marina district. no one was injured. deadly richmond bart shooting as the search continues tonight for the gunman. then. parents take to the streets in bay point demanding action after a child sex offender moves into the neighborhood. also - the u-s beefs up its defenses on the west coast after serious threats are made by north korea. well, well, well.
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police are searching for a gunman tonight after a shooting at a richmond bart station last night left one person dead and another injured. police say shots were passenegers were leaving the station. tonight we're learning more from bart police about the
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second shooting victim. >> we are learning that he was transported and he is a 26 year-old man they are going over the surveillance video to see if they can figure out anything else. >> gary: the will united states also the warriors with 80 latest on the kobe bryant
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".on train or not" bart police are going over the station's surveillance video to try to identify the gunman. the u-s is improving its defenses -- because of the threat of a nuclear attack from north korea. it's a threat the u-s is taking very seriously. the new defense secretary discussed the plan today. >> "today i am announcing a series of steps the united states will take to stay ahead of the challenge posed by iran and north korea's development of longer range ballistic missile capabilities. the united states has missile defense systems in place to protect us from limited icbm attacks but north korea in particular has recently made advances in its capabilities and has engaged in a series of irresponsible and reckless provocations. "
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14 more missile interceptors will be deployed by 20-17 -- making a total of 44 most of them are in california and alaska. north korea is reportedly has a missile that can travel nearly 5-thousand miles. although - north korea has never successfully launched a long-range missile. today was the second day of the conservative political action conference near washington. or c-pac. republicans are trying to redefine the party message. among the issues taking
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center stage.gun control, forced budget cuts and of course. who will run on behalf of the republican party during the next election. a presidential straw poll is scheduled this weekend. which could suggest possible nominees in 2016. three people are dead after a small plane crashed in fort lauderdale florida this afternoon. the plane started having engine problems shortly after takeoff. the pilot was trying to go back to the airport when the plane hit a warehouse and crashed into a parking lot. you can see the black smoke billowing out of the wreckage. no one on the ground was injured. we're learning that repairs are nearly finished at the chevron refinery in richmond after the fire and explosion last august. after construction is complete, there will be an inspection to make sure the repairs are up to industry standards. chevron says it does not expect any problems -- and says the refinery should be at full capacity
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by the end of this month. >> jacqueline: 60s to hayward. as we take a look. 64 degrees in berkeley and a mixture of '60s and '70s for the north bay. a look a your extended forecast. big changes with rain fall back into the bay area. the cold front is not expected until wednesday morning. we will see temperatures cooler for most locations. a registered sex offender who just moved into a bay point home is raising lots of concern for residents.
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charles christman was convicted of crimes including assault against a peace officer and lewd acts with a minor. today residents protested his arrival in their neighborhood -- especially since he lives just a block from a grade school. >> we want to get an appeal to have him not placed here. >> we want our children to feel safe but they are not going to allow that so i am totally against that >> catherine: this will be the first week christman has been in the bay point house. >> an emotional vigil was held today for the victim's of a deadly car crash. friends and family gathered to remember a mother and her 2 sons -- who were killed saturday by an accused drunk driver -- denis demah - saydo.. the prayer vigil was held at where the accident happened. and my little boys
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the mother, her two sons and the older brother's girlfriend were on their way to get dinner-- when they were hit. the girlfriend is still in critical condition. the suspect faces 15 years in prison if convicted of all three vehicular manslaughter charges. there are health concerns tonight surrounding grammy winning rapper lil wayne he's reportedly recovering after suffering a seizure. his publicist denied reports that he was in a medically induced coma and on life support. the rapper himself apparently posted on twitter that he's doing well -- and thanked his fans for their prayers. the rapper's real name is dwayne carter.
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a dog traveling from new jersey to phoenix was hit by a major flight delay. the problem -- united airlines accidentally sent the dog to ireland. hendrix. who gets his name from the rock legend. wound up in a crate for the seven- hour flight to ireland. he was then packed off back to new jersey -- before the five-hour flight to his original destination. united claims it doesn't know what happened. which the dog's owner might not accept as a great explanation. in sports. there will be no team u-s-a at at&t park this weekend for the world baseball classic. and the warriors host the struggling chicago bulls. but it was the team in sleeves who stuggled the most tonight. gary's has the highlights and the rest of the sports. next [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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♪ shop at ♪ warriors/bulls stephen curry fans but he only had 8 points and did not make a 3-pointer for the first time in 54 games 1st quarter carlos boozer gets it inside for the east layup 22-15 bulls lakers at pacers kobe bryant tweeted a photo
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of his severly sprained ankle kobe suited up anyway kobe - played just 12 minutes - went 0-4 on the day.but played!!! probably motivated his teammates on the bench kobe turns coach first to metta world peace then dwight howard 4th quarter/ 87-87 howard - powers it in and he is fouled for the 3-point pl howard: 20 points, 12 rebs, 4 asts kobe likes it! kobe held scoreless for 1st time in 9 years but lakers win 99-93 lakers stay one game up on utah for 8th spot at.t.and t. park
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sunday.monday and tuesday will be without teasm usa... world baseball classic angel pagan fires up his puerto rican mates in the dugout top 1st ryan vogelsong - gives up a single to mike aviles and pagan races home from second with the first run of the game 1-0 pr top 6th, 2-0 pr, bases loaded vogelsong pulled for vinny pestano - and pestano gives up the bases loaded double to andy gonzalez who breaks game open - one run charged to vogelsong 4-0 pr
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vogelsong: 5.2 ip, 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 k currently: usa is done barring a miraculous comeback puerto rico heads to at&t park for seminfinals beginning this sunday lo some exhibtion baseball. giants rangers matt cain - strikes out hunter pence - hits his first home run of the season bot 7th, 3-1 sf andres torres - the 35 year old outfielder hits his first home run of the cactus leagueto deep right field 5- 2 sf torres: 2-4, hr, 2 rbi giants win 5-2 note: giants reassigned 21 players today to the minors - believed to be the most players they've sent down at one time aldon smith shoulder surgery 49ers linebacker aldon smith is recovering from recent minor shoulder surgery. the nfl network reported smith underwent surgery "a few weeks ago" to repair a torn labrum. smith previously said his shoulder injury stemmed
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